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Meet Devon Joiner

Business Coach with Kentucky SBDC


Kentucky Small Business Development Center focuses on the creation, growth, and sustainability of small businesses no more than 500 employees and not only do we work with startup businesses, we also assist existing businesses to grow and succeed. The mission of the Kentucky SBDC is to provide Kentucky businesses and entrepreneurs with the expertise and resources to succeed. Our vision is to create a better Kentucky for all by empowering businesses to thrive and prosper. As a trusted resource, the Kentucky SBDC provides business services that make a measurable, positive impact throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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Q & A

Q1: What is your background and what are you doing now?

A1: “My background is accounting and finance from working from accounting clerk positions to director positions. Through my education of a bachelors in accounting and a M.B.A. in Finance I was placed in strategic committees to help navigate directions of businesses to become sustainable. I’m currently a Business Coach with Kentucky Small Business Development Center. In this capacity we provide resources for obtaining capital, writing businesses and marketing plans, feasibility analysis, and service to support the owner to make the best decision for their business."

Q2: What inspired you to want to work with startups?

A2: "The journey and bringing opportunity to others is what inspired me to work with startups. The energy and excitement are contagious, and I find joy in seeing others achieve their goals. Small businesses are additional resources for that respective community. In the longevity starting a business can create generational wealth which brings opportunities to the family lineage to have a higher quality of life."


Q3: What has been the most rewarding part of your work in supporting startups

A3: "The most rewarding part is witnessing the growth of the startup. A startup may be the most challenging time for the business but most rewarding as it grows and becomes sustainable. During this time is the cusp of business challenges and the journey of overcoming those challenges. The smiles and positivity are rewarding to see in others as I encourage and provide resources through their startup journey."


Q4: What community resources do you like to recommend to the startups you work with?

A4: "In addition to Kentucky Small Business Development Center, I recommend starts to connect with Women’s Business Center, Kentucky Apex Accelerator, Commerce Lexington, Launch Blue and their local chamber of commerce."


Q5: If you could share one piece of advice to another person considering becoming a community supporter in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, what would it be?

A5: " There is tremendously more value in the community growth in the long-term of supporting startups than it may initially portray."

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